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Our Product Development

At COPLUS we take product development very seriously, starting from the original idea formation stage, where our founder President Wu (an industry veteran and maverick) sits down with our R&D team to discuss his latest product ideas after having studied market trends and customer needs. Once a product idea has been decided on we move into the research and design phase to work out the primary engineering and design issues. Next we move into the prototyping where we make prototypes after prototype to make sure we have gotten the product just perfectly. This is an area where COPLUS really spares no effort, as we place a high standard on our products and know that's what our customer's expect. Once the prototype has met our high standards, we move into exhaustive testing, making further tweaks and adjustments as needed. Finally a product is ready for release; we will have the products certified and file for related patents.

High Quality

COPLUS totally follows ISO-9001 standard procedures, which always the automotive companies ask, to manage our suppliers, production, products and document. Our performance lightings are with SAE, DOT, CCC, JIS, and ECE approved.

Worldwide Patents

COPLUS obtained more than 772 patents certificates from different counties such as Japan, EU, USA, Taiwan, China to protect our intellectual property. Our patents are not only for designs, but also for structures, especially performance lightings. Pirating will be pursuit to the fullest extent of the law.



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